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This allows you to share a unique coupon link with customers, such as mystore.

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You can also take a different tact, and use an existing URL to automatically apply a coupon. If you set the URL to an existing part of your site, such as mystore. Customers who read your blog especially company announcements tend to be loyal fans of your brand.

Extend or Automate your Coupons with WooCommerce URL Coupons

As a result, applying a coupon for visiting a blog post is a great way to reward these customers to thank them for reading and encourage them to make a holiday purchase. As soon as a reader visits this URL, the products will be added and the coupon will be applied. This could welcome new customers, tell them about your store, or if you want to automate some things, you can automatically apply a coupon here. Not only can you apply a coupon for visitors to this page just as we did above, you can even add the backpack to the cart for the new customer.

First, create your landing page, and note the URL, just as we did in our blog post example. Create your coupon with the correct values, restrictions, and limits.

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Again, be sure to use the right URL including the trailing slash , and this time, choose the product to add to the cart. No redirects again, we want them to read this page smile. Now any visitor landing on this page most likely from your advertisement , will have a head start on their shopping and a discount already applied, encouraging them to continue checking out your store.

Your email list is an excellent marketing tool full of highly qualified leads — these are customers that have either purchased from your store already, or were interested enough in your brand to hand over one of their most carefully-guarded possessions: their email address.

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You can even use the strategy above to pre-fill the cart with new or on-sale products to which the discount applies, making the shopping and purchasing! However, you should note one thing: since this URL does not exist on your site, you must set a redirect for the coupon. Personalized emails have higher open and transaction rates in comparison to non-personalized emails, so this can add a nice finishing touch for holiday shoppers. This ensures that only that URL will apply the coupon. Join now!

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