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ROCKSMITH 2014 Remastered Deals **** OG Rocksmith for $9, PC only ****

And, we're fully secure and mobile friendly. Site version: 5. TrueAchievements Log in or Register Free. When Ubisoft announced Rocksmith back in March, they stated at the time that they hoped to have a bundle available for the title that included an actual guitar, though they hadn't worked out the details just yet. Today, Ubisoft announced that such a deal has been struck and, come the game's fall release, players will have two purchase options for Rocksmith.

2014 Rocksmith Bundle Epiphone Les Paul Junior Guitar

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Resident Evil Revelations 2 — Season Pass. Rocksmith Edition — Bachsmith Song Pack. Rocksmith Edition — Disturbed Song Pack. Rocksmith Edition — Green Day Pack. Rocksmith Edition — Muse Song Pack. Rocksmith Edition — Oasis Song Pack. Rocksmith Edition — Oasis — Wonderwall.

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Rocksmith Edition — Radiohead Song Pack. Rocksmith Edition — Radiohead — Creep. Rocksmith Edition — Sum 41 Song Pack. Posted 06 November - AM The quality of the bundled guitar is a really good cheap guitar. Posted 06 November - AM Yeah, from what I've read the Epiphone seems to be a good entry level guitar and the game is getting mostly positive reviews.

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Be aware that this isn't a "game" in a traditional sense. It's more of a guitar trainer. If you don't play which I have to assume, since you don't own a guitar , it won't be much fun in a traditional gaming sense - an hour a day won't let you pick up much on a guitar. Then again, once you start to play, I'll bet that you won't be able to play for an hour and then shut it off.

Posted 06 November - PM Curious also to see if this is the actual Rocksmith bundle, or the game plus a standalone guitar. Posted 06 November - PM I wouldn't go with the bundle. Not a bad deal.

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If you don't own a guitar head to your local music shop and do some shopping. They have sales all the time. Posted 06 November - PM Did you buy the official guitar kit or was it a package deal put together by Bestbuy? It was the official bundle, Those were the only ones in store I went to. Hmm nothing in my paper for best buy, I might have it shipped to store I guess. Posted 06 November - PM Ha! Same here, just started learning about 6 months ago Haven't gotten the game yet but I'm dying to.

Bot sure whether using to coupon exempts me from that option.

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  6. Rocksmith - Ultimate Time Saver Bundle Key Steam GLOBAL -!
  7. Posted 06 November - PM Just bought two. I got too much Amazon credit. Wizzy- what did you say to the manager? Did they try to give you the old "it's online only" deflection? Edited by confoosious, 06 November - PM.

    You are here

    Posted 06 November - PM Yes, they did. They said we don't price match online deals. I asked to see the manager and he gave me the discount since I showed him the link from OP. If they know what they're doing then you're getting an in-store bundle, NOT the official Rocksmith guitar bundle. Guitar is the same model but comes in a Cherryburst finish. You miss out on getting a strap and picks. The game dept workers didn't know about the deal and sent me over to the musical instrument dept.

    This seems to be the best way for a beginner to get in on the deal. But for those saying there are better guitars for a close enough price, help a fellow CAG out with some models that are good entry level models Just bought two. Pretty sweet. My clueless employees just sent me over to the music dept. But they knew what was up. Edited by rbarba4, 07 November - AM. At first, there were 4 bundles for each system.

    Seems like they are selling pretty well; Considering the bundle is sold out everywhere else. Posted 07 November - AM This game is killer. Rockband will definitely be copying these guys with a realtone cable knockoff I bet. I was a little bummed at first with this game because it wasn't picking up the right notes I was playing. I simply fixed my intonation and I was good to go. And by the way, I had no idea what the hell intonation was until I got this game, and I've played guitar on and off for about 15 years lol.

    This is a good deal too by the way. If this is for those terrible First Act guitars, I'd look elsewhere.

    Rocksmith - Ultimate Time Saver Bundle Key Steam GLOBAL

    Posted 07 November - AM Thanks smiley. I'll check it out. Yeah, no problems man. Give it a check, there could be an even better deal in there.