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Inouye International Airport. No doubt they provided some solace as well to those stranded by an East Coast snowstorm that cancelled flights, leaving frustrated passengers to dream of Hawaiian beaches. Southwest has put up a dedicated web page for information at Southwest. For Southwest itself, the stock market reaction was not particularly positive, as the stock LUV declined While it was a bad day for the stock market in general, the three other major US airlines flying to Hawaii also declined. American dropped The competition problem for Hawaiian , although the airline has been established in the islands for 90 years, is obvious.

The race to the bottom err, the race to preserve market share in a low fare environment has already begun. Other low fares are available from Delta and Sun Country. Low fares mean less revenues and lower profits, of course. In extreme cases the loser of such a fare war may end up drastically cutting back its presence in Hawaii or retreating from the islands altogether, as Allegiant did in Obviously, this is not a possibility for Hawaiian Air.

Pros: Comfortable seats that don't lean forward to much in the "upright" position. Friendly staff. Cons: Had to pay for my two bags Pros: A kind Hawaiian, noting my obvious age and lack of mobility, obtained a wheelchair and porter for me, who took me to the head of a very long TSA line, and took me to my gate.

American Airlines has cheap flights to Hawaii: $340 round trip

Later he returned and pushed me up the boarding ramp, and onto the plane. So much appreciated! Pros: The stewardesses were wonderful even though one of them got to the airplane 20 minutes late, however we arrived on time, surprisingly Cons: Nothing really other than having to wait for a crewmember to arrive.

Cons: My ooriginal flight was canceled they put me on a later flight when I decided to drive they would not let me keep the returning flight. Pros: The advantage to a smaller plane with larger windows is the fantastic views flying between the islands in Hawaii. Cons: No precheck status availble for me, but not a big deal.

When they said service members could board, they denied me cause i wasn't in uniform. Just came from an international flight. Can't be in uniform for international flights and the boarding crew couldn't understand that. They gave me a disgusted look and said please wait to be called on board. I had arrived early too saw an earlier flight going to the same place i needd, asked if they had an empty seat if i could join that flight.

Once again, that crew without looking or hesitation, said no room available and wait for your flight. The part that got to me was she didn't even look. Being overseas for two years and coming home to this, just killed my spirit to be back in the United States. I thought Hawaiian Airlines would be a relaxing and fun airline but i was sure wrong. Pros: Comfortable legroom. Nice that you get a map of the Hawaiian island you land at. Cons: Luggage costs are a bit high considering these small inter-island flights are already highly priced.

Cons: Absolutely clueless in arranging proper seating for fiabled passengers. They were only helpful at the gate, not in advance on the phone. Pros: We are happy with Mokulele airlines. The service and the timing were great. The pilots were professional and friendly and the flight was very nice.

Pros: Easy boarding, on time, friendly, knowledgeable staff!

American Airlines Hawaii Deals

Large windows allow for beautiful views of paradise! Cons: Airplane needed repair, checked in and told it would be a one hour delay, called client to change meeting time. Delay turned in to 3 hours and had to call back and cancel meeting and cancel flight. I got voucher, not a refund. Pros: I wasn't sure how I would feel flying on such a small plane. However, it exceeded my expectations and I would do it again. I realize there is nothing you can do about this, just thought I'd mention it.

Cons: The chair was the worst one I've experienced this far in an airplane. Cons: Flight left after the time we were to arrive st our destination. We were notified of a 15 minute delay which turned into an hour but no updates were given. Cons: When my husband retrieved his piece of luggage, it smelled terribly lie dog poop. We had to drive home with the windows all the way down because the stench was so bad and throw away the suitcase I had just bought because of the terrible smell. Just awful to come home to that!

Pros: Boarding was fine and crew were friendly with one exception. The in flight entertainment is great idea, except that the wifi went down mid flight, mid movie. Cons: First and foremost seats are very uncomfortable. Would expect American to realize that passengers will be sitting for 9 hours and the seat needs to have some cushion. Could not get comfortable so could not sleep. Most of the crew were friendly and courteous, but was the 1 who was less so.

Wifi quit. Cons: Caterer was late causing plane to be 45 min late taking off. All so first class could eat while we're had pretzels. Pros: The ability to charge my cell phone via USB ports. Also the movies on long flights is really nice. Cons: Plane left 4 mins early knowing that passengers were on a delayed flight. Cons: Well for one my seat was broken. Their attitudes were horrible. Cons: More leg room. Stop nickel and dining passengers to appease investors. Delta is an evil corporation. Pros: We had outstanding views of the islands during the short and smooth flight.

It was a pleasure to meet the crew in a first name basis and not go thru the usual onerous security routine. This added a special highlight to the end Ava great vacation on Maui. Pros: Great views from the plane. Very personable experience with the pilots. Easy check-in and no security.

Frequent flights daily. We showed up early and they let us jump on the earlier flight. Cons: Can be a bit bumpy but you're safe and get used to it views distract from any discomfort. Pros: Everything was great but we were delayed about 30 minutes. Not a big deal. Pros: The customer service when we checked in was exceptional! They were very accommodating at the desk, friendly, and helpful. Immediately had good vibes from the ladies who got us situated for our flight!! Cons: Delayed flight with no announcement about a gate change.

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Cons: Crew not very welcoming—when boarding, no greeting, no eye contact; after being seated, crew member tersely asked to see my ticket In cabin crew did not make us feel safe , secure, cared for. Cons: I wasn't aware that in flight entertainment options were available in tablet form. Pros: cleaner plane would be nicer.

ISLAND VIEWS American Airlines DFW-Honolulu [Review] - Boeing 777-223ER (N762AN)

Cons: cleaner plane would be nicer. Cons: The plane was really cold Everyone around me was freezing and there weren't any blankets. Thankfully it was a short flight. Pros: Small airplane, but you feel safe. You also fly close enough to the islands so you feel like having your own helicopter tour, amazing views! Pros: ok, I was terrified when I found out I was going to be on a small airplane, but our pilot did amazing.

We had rain and a little bumpy, but he did sooooo great. Cons: ok, we had torrential rain when we arrived in Kona, and there is no shuttle from the Mokulele gate to the main terminal. Did I mention Torrential Rain???? Now yes, it rained at the airport and it isn't covered so it wasn't all due to the walk, but if you care about your passengers, you should have a shuttle available if it is raining. Sunny would be a great walk. Cons: Missed my connecting flight.

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Had to pay my suitcase extra 60 dollars. Cons: DCA is a total disaster. Avoid the airport at all costs. The metro is shut down and everyone is competing for very expensive cabs and ride share.

American Airlines has cheap flights to Hawaii: $340 round trip

Worth it to go to Dulles. Cons: Free WiFi kn the plane was hardly working even over US mainland, before it list connection with outside internet over ocean. But it is something I do not care much about. Cons: Late crew. Slow to depart added to delay. Arrival blocked by equipment in the gate, so we waited to get access to the terminal.

Then one truck of luggage on the announced carousel and then Secretly, the remaining bags were appearing on a differen. Cons: Very little space to get your things adjusted after going through TSA. Cons: Terrible ground staff attitude - c;early aware about the monopoly of Hawaiian on the islands. We compile tonnes of data for you Our service lets you quickly and easily compare results from hundreds of travel sites at once.

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High season is considered to be June, July and August. The cheapest month to fly to Honolulu is February. Enter your preferred departure airport and travel dates into the search form above to unlock the latest Honolulu flight deals. Inouye International Airport. From Honolulu International Airport, you can fly to the main or regional airports on the individual islands directly. The best way to get in and out of Honolulu International Airport is by bus, shuttle, car rental or taxi. There is also intra-airport transportation available for passengers traveling between gates and terminals, provided by buses and shuttles.

There are several parking options available at Honolulu International Airport. You can park in the parking garage where the first 15 minutes are free. Or, you can choose to park in the lots at Diamond Head or Ewa, or choose the economy lot at the airport. You can also visit a variety of art exhibits and see historic displays that are located throughout the airport.

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Bringing in fruit, plants, live snails and other items is not allowed, to prevent the spread of hazardous diseases and insects into the islands. What is the cheapest flight to Honolulu? Which airlines fly to Honolulu? How far is Honolulu Airport from central Honolulu? How far is the Honolulu International Airport from Waikiki? Does Honolulu International Airport have play areas for children? Are there malls or shopping areas close to Honolulu International Airport? Are there good restaurants in Honolulu International Airport? Hawaiian Airlines. Tue, Aug 6. Trip: 2 days.

Overall 8. Pros: Boarding process was quite organized and very friendly crew. Read all traveler reviews for Hawaiian Airlines. Mokulele Airlines. Fri, Jun Trip: 3 days. Pros: No lines, no security, good views Cons: Much too bumpy.